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Advanced Facial Reflexology 


Treatment £55.00 (60 mins)

Advanced Facial Reflexology, 'Bergman Method,' is an award winning therapy. The treatment is therapeutic and deeply relaxing, based on Native American and Asian body maps.  Gentle techniques are used to stimulate the facial reflexes encouraging the body to initiate its own natural healing mechanisms.  The treatment is very effective for improving lymphatic drainage, elimination of toxins, lifting and sculpting facial muscles, releasing tension and improving blood supply to the face.


When you arrive for your first treatment I will complete a full consultation form with you while soak your feet in Neal's Yard Women's Blend or Aromatic Bath salts, in my beautiful hand crafted copper foot bowl.  I will explain how Facial Reflexology works and what to expect from your treatment, how you may feel during, and following your treatment, and also answer any questions you may have.  I use Neal's Yard essential oils in my diffuser to ensure a welcoming and calming ambience from the minute you arrive.

Following your consultation, you will be invited to immerse your feet in a warm and comforting foot bath with essential oils, when your feet are dry you can then make yourself comfortable on the luxurious warm couch, with a snuggly warm blanket. As I begin the treatment I will encourage you to take some deep breaths helping you to relax. I will use lovely Neal's Yard products to gently cleanse and exfoliate your face and neck.  Neal's yard products are natural and ethically sourced.  Hot cloths will then be used to gently remove the products leaving your skin feeling nurtured. 


As you drift off to sleep, I will apply the award winning Bergman 'Facial Elixir' which is a 'groundbreaking amethyst crystal infused Elixir' to 'nurture the skin and lift the spirit'. The Facial Elixir is a beautiful product, vegan friendly, cruelty free, 100% organic, natural ingredients and ethically sourced. This product is suitable for all skin types and is an exquisitely scented blend of essential oils including white sage, rose and ylang ylang.


At the end of your treatment I will offer you some water to help ground you, ready to face the rest of your day.  Regular Facial Reflexology treatments aim to help with the following:

  • Relieve the effects of stress 

  • Improve circulation to the face and head area

  • Improve lymphatic drainage encouraging the removal of toxins

  • Relieve tension in the muscle tissue 

  • Relieve mental strain and improve concentration

  • Relieve congestion in the sinuses

  • Leave you feeling rejuvenated and with a healthy glow

Following your Facial Reflexology treatment you will need to drink plenty of fluids for 24 hours, avoid any stimulants and heavy eating, try to avoid wearing make up and rest up as much as possible.  You may experience more thirst and tiredness initially but everyone is different.

At the point of booking your Facial Reflexology treatment I will ask you some questions over the phone just to ensure that it is safe to provide your treatment for you.  There are some contra-indications which may delay your treatment, please see information as below:


Face Lift - There will need to be at least a three month gap following your surgery.

Botox and Fillers - There will need to be at least a three to four week gap following your procedure.  

Open wounds - until they are healed.

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