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Stress Awareness Month - April

When we experience prolonged and sustained stress levels, we may notice changes in our emotions and our physical health. When we remain constantly stressed, in a state of 'fight and flight' or 'freeze,' chemicals and hormones flood fill our bodies making it difficult for us to stay balanced.

We all need a healthy level of stress to keep us motivated, driven and to survive. It is perfectly natural to feel out of sorts from time to time but it is important to recognise when prolonged and extensive periods of stress become the norm.

As a trained and experienced Clinical Reflexologist, I use the therapy to support clients with their health and well-being journey. Regular treatments may help to release tension and stress levels, improve our mood, sleep quality and energy levels, leaving us feeling much more relaxed. When we feel centred and calm we tend to have more perspective. Whatever challenges we face may remain, but our attitude shifts, this can make things feel more manageable. Sometimes trying to work out our underlying causes for stress can feel stressful itself!

I offer Face and Foot Reflexology, if you have not tried Reflexology before and would like to book in for a treatment, please contact me to discuss further. Thank you x

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