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Welcome to Beech Tree Therapies Cornwall


My name is Rachel Waller.  I am an experienced and qualified Clinical Reflexologist with Centralia Reflexology Mastership (CRM) Level 5, which is the UK's highest level of qualification for Reflexologists.  I completed my training with Hagar Basis at the Reflexology Academy in London.


I feel very privileged to treat my clients and to be part of their journey to achieve better health and well-being.  I fully invest in my own ongoing professional development, researching, attending seminars and working with other health professionals.  I absolutely thrive on seeing this natural treatment support and improve the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of all my clients. 


On a personal level, I feel very lucky to have found Reflexology. I have experienced my own health issues which have been very challenging.  I completely understand the implications of how ill-health can affect how we feel emotionally.  Throughout those times I had to dig deep and I spent many months studying, researching and healing.  Those challenging times gave me valuable learning opportunities for personal growth, and as a practitioner treating clients.  Thankfully those days are now behind me, but I always appreciate how our health and well-being affects everything, how we live from day to day, our relationships, and our ability to live our lives to the full.  

Our minds and bodies are intrinsically linked.  Emotional health can impact on our physical health, and our physical health can impact on our emotional health. I am a very positive person and believe that all of our experiences, whether good or bad, can make us who we are, and that we can learn to make choices that make us happier and healthier. 

I am a full Member of  the AOR (Association of Reflexologists).  Whilst client outcome is paramount I also devote time to continuous learning to ensure that I am able to share the latest techniques and procedures.  I passionately care about helping people so if you would like to know more about Reflexology treatments please contact me. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, I look forward to hearing from you.

Rachel x 

Qualifications and Continuing Professional Development

Rachel Waller CRM Level 5 Dip MAR:

Level 5 Clinical Reflexologist (CRM) - Reflexology Academy London

Specialising in Women's Health, Stress Management, Maternity, Fertility and Palliative Care. Anatomy, Physiology and Pathologies and providing Reflexology for specific conditions and completion of 100 case studies.

Level 3 and Level 4 - Advanced Reflexology Techniques 

Reflexology and Women's Health - Reflexology Academy London

Reflexology for Menopause - Barbara Scott

Totally Toes Seminar - ART Tony Porter

Pain in Cancer Survivors (CIPN) - Dr Carol Samuel - Reflexmaster

RLD - Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage - Sally Kay

Menopause - Facial, Hand and Foot Reflexology - London School of Reflexology

Advanced Facial Reflexology - London School of Reflexology ' Bergman Method'

Zone Face Lift Reflexology - London School of Reflexology ' Bergman Method'

& Facial Cupping- London School of Reflexology ' Bergman Method'

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"A gut feeling is actually every cell in your body making a decision"


Deepak Chopra

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