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Stress Awareness ~ How stress affects our digestion

Stress Awareness and Digestion

For most of us digestion is something we take for granted, until one day things may change and we start experiencing symptoms which then impact on day to day living.

Symptoms may occur as a direct result of illness, medication, extreme stress or other factors. Eating should be enjoyable, and we all know that maintaining a balanced healthy diet and good hydration is crucial. However, it is equally important to think about how we eat, and to understand the impact of high sustained levels of stress, and how this can directly impact on our digestion:

  • Our Gut is known as our second brain

  • How we eat and chew our food really matters

  • Relaxation is key to good digestion and absorption

We can experience symptoms from time to time, but we have to find ways of managing our stress levels to bring our bodies back into balance. Our bodies actually want to heal.

My job as a Clinical Reflexologist is to work with my clients supporting them to manage their stress levels. Reflexology is a natural treatment that is used on the feet, face or hands, it is incredibly relaxing and helps to bring your body back into balance. I use lots of specific techniques and treat what I find.

Reflexology is a great tool for you to also use on your hands in between treatments, and I provide these AOR hand charts to my clients when I know we are working with digestive issues.

If you would like to try reflexology for digestive support and managing stress levels, please contact me to make an appointment.

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