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What is Lymphoedema?

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition which causes tissue swelling when interstitial fluid accumulates due to blocked, damaged or absent lymph drainage channels. It always needs formal diagnosis by a medical practitioner. It is a debilitating and progressive condition.

Some people may experience physiological and psychological symptoms:

  • Heaviness, pain and discomfort in arms or legs

  • Distorted limb shape

  • Repeated skin infections

  • Restricted movement which affects every day tasks and activities

  • Anxiety and Depression and loss of confidence

Primary Lymphoedema may be present at birth, but may also occur later in life. Secondary Lymphoedema may occur following surgery and removal of lymph nodes, scarring and radiotherapy damage to lymph vessels.

Self care techniques include compression, exercise, skincare and Manual Lymphatic Drainage. RLD ~ Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage treatments are based upon similar principles of MLD, but working specifically on the reflexes on the feet.

RLD - Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage is an award winning, method and evidence based treatment, which has been researched and developed by Sally Kay. I am really pleased to now be offering this treatment to my clients. If this is something that affects you, or a loved one, then please contact me for more information.

Thanks Rachel x

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