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  Zone Face Lift Reflexology 
'Naturally Lifts your face and spirit' 
Single Treatment £65.00 (75 minutes) or Treatment Package options are available - details below


The Zone Face Lift (ZFL) experience is not just skin deep, it is so much more.  An award winning luxurious treatment pioneered by Ziggie Bergman, created to 'naturally lift your face and spirit' and acclaimed to be a credible and natural alternative to Botox and Fillers.  This treatment is pure indulgence and blissful, yet affordable.  Zone Face Lift is unique.  The treatments are therapeutic and combine effective ancient and modern face lifting massage techniques and specialist facial tools.  Designed to lift and sculpt the skin by smoothing and soothing away tiredness and puffiness so releasing stress and tension held in the facial muscles and connective tissue.  A facial that not only works beautifully on your skin, but also helps to unblock energy pathways helping you to feel more balanced and rejuvenated - this treatment is definitely for you!  The Zone Face Lift - Ziggie Bergman Method was awarded in 2021.

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The Zone Face Lift is not just skin deep.  Benefits can usually be seen from the first treatment.   We can hold a lot of tension and stress in our face, this can really affect how we feel.  Regular nurturing ZFL treatments alongside a healthy diet, exercise and hydration, can be part of our journey to feeling better in ourselves.  The ZFL treatment includes a combination of traditional reflexology methods, ancient healing techniques of 'smudging' and stimulation of facial pressure points.  As part of the treatment I will be using a wide range of specific facial massage techniques and use of specialist facial tools; quartz spheres, amethyst crystal wand, acupressure roller and Gua Sha.  The Jade facial Gua Sha is used to massage, smooth and scrape the skin to release stagnation and muscle tension in the face. Improve blood flow and circulation and lymphatic drainage, techniques inspired by the Ancient Chinese Medicine (TCM) for healing, beauty and wellness. 

Your Zone Face Lift Treatment

This time is your time.  At the start of the session I will complete a full consultation form with you while you soak your feet in Neal's Yard Women's Blend or Aromatic Bath salts, in my beautiful hand crafted copper foot bowl.  I will explain how the ZFL treatment works and what you can expect from your treatment, we can talk through any questions you may have. 


Following your consultation you will begin your ZFL experience with a warm and comforting foot soak in essential oils.  As you nestle down into the luxurious comfort of the warm couch, cacooned in a soft blanket, with the gentle fragrance of diffused Neal's Yard essential oils, you will start to feel the tension and stress just melt away.  I will invite you to take some lovely deep breaths as you drift off into deep relaxation.

I will begin with a deep cleanse and exfoliation of your face and neck with beautiful Neal's Yard products, using soft hot towels to gently lift away any impurities from your skin, followed by  Zone Face Lift 'Magical Mist' which is an organic infusion of Rose Petals and Sweet grass to attract positive energy, and for hydration.  I will then apply the award winning Bergman 'Facial Elixir' which is a 'groundbreaking amethyst infused Elixir' to nurture and 'lift the spirit'.  The Elixir is a beautiful product, vegan friendly, 100% organic, natural ingredients and ethically sourced, suitable for all skin types and is an exquisitely scented blend of essential oils including white sage, rose and ylang ylang. 

The skin is now deeply cleansed ready for the ZFL massage techniques and stimulation of facial reflexes and pressure points.  This unique sequence is designed to lift and sculpt the facial contours, smooth away fine lines and release tension held in the facial muscles and connective tissue.   I also use specialist facial tools;  Gua Sha, Precision Gua Sha, Acupressure roller and Quartz healing crystal spheres.  The Gua Sha is used to lift and sculpt the skin, helping to release stagnation and muscle tension held in the face, helping to improve blood flow and circulation.  The firm yet gentle movements encourage lymphatic drainage.  Regular use of the Gua Sha has many benefits, helping to naturally increase collagen and elastin making the skin feel plumper and tighter for a brighter and more radiant complexion. I use the precision Gua Sha for stimulating specific reflex and pressure points, the Acupressure roller to invigorate and increase circulation and the cooling Quartz spheres to gently massage and soothe the skin.

Your face will feel so nurtured as I apply a facial mask to meet the needs of your skin.  While your mask is working its magic, I will work some foot reflexes to relax you even further.  This time is for you to remain fully relaxed, you may notice the release of any unwanted tension or emotions that you have been hanging on to.  I will then use traditional 'smudging' methods with White Sage or Palo Santo as part of cleansing and removing negative energy, (this is optional if you choose),  before gently removing the face mask with soft hot towels and finishing with a nurturing serum and moisturiser.   I will encourage you to stay rested on the couch before I offer you some water as you resurface from your treatment. 

As part of your ZFL experience I will provide you with some facial techniques that you can use at home, you will also take away a couple of Neal's Yard samples.  

Some of the benefits you may experience from regular Zone Face Lift Treatments:

  • Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin

  • Natural desquamation of dead skin cells, leaving the skin feeling smoother and softer.  

  • Encourages lymphatic drainage 

  • May relieve congestion in your sinuses

  • Tightens and plumps sagging skin and may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines

  • May help to reduce muscle tension  

  • Encourages a deep sense of calmness and deep relaxation, both body and mind helping to reduce feelings of stress

  • Leaves you with a healthy glow and feeling rejuvenated

If you have recently had a Face Lift, you will need to have at least a three month gap following your surgery.

Botox and Fillers, there will need to be at least a four week gap following your procedure.  

Open wounds - until they are healed.

Please contact me to discuss further and I will advise you accordingly.

Regular Zone Face Lift treatments are so nurturing, helping to support us during the different phases in our lives and allowing us time to re-connect and recharge.  I offer a range of packages for you to choose from.  I can also offer an additional 30 minutes Foot Reflexology as part of your Zone Lift Experience.  Please see full details of all options available.  If you would like to know more and to book a Zone Face Lift treatment please contact me to make an appointment. 

Thank you

Rachel x


ZFL Treatment (75 mins) £65.00


​ZFL Treatment (75 mins)   plus a full Foot Reflexology treatment   (45 mins) £110.00


3 x ZFL Treatments (75 mins)

 £185.00 (£10 discount)


Payable on the first treatment.


6 x ZFL Treatments (75 mins) £370.00 (£20 discount)


Payable on the first treatment.


Zone Face Lift 12 week programme

The transformation is inside out, helping you to feel yourself again.

12 x (75 mins) weekly treatments

£740.00 (£40 off)

This 12 week programme includes 3 Neal's Yard facials and a complimentary Hayou Sculpting & Lifting Gua Sha Beauty Restorer facial tool. Payable in advance, with an option to pay in two monthly equal instalments.

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