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Foot Reflexology 

Treatment £50.00

Reflexology is a natural therapy and has been practised for thousands of years.  It is safe, non-invasive and therapeutic.  The therapy is based on the principal and belief that there are reflexes on the feet, face and hands which directly represent each part of the anatomy.  Reflexology is a touch therapy, by use of gentle and precise techniques, stimulating and working the reflexes with the intention of creating balance back into these areas.   Some feelings of transient discomfort may be felt for a few seconds, but overall the treatment should be deeply relaxing and comforting. Regular sessions are calming and soothing encouraging the body and mind to relax.

You will begin your treatment as you soak your feet in Neal's Yard Women's Blend, in my beautiful hand crafted copper foot bowl. When your feet have been dried with warm towels, you will nestle down into the luxurious comfort of the warm couch with a soft blanket.  As you relax I will encourage you to take deep breaths as you feel yourself drifting into deep relaxation and sinking into the warmth of the couch. I will begin working through the reflexes and acupressure points using a variety of techniques and varying levels of pressure. You may feel various sensations as I apply specific techniques, or you may just fall in and out of asleep.  

I use organic foot balms because they are ethically sourced, made with natural and organic ingredients and they smell beautiful.  Throughout the treatment you will feel relaxed and nurtured.  The appointment will last for 1 hour. I will end the treatment with balancing and holding techniques and will encourage you to take further deep relaxing breaths. You will be invited to rest on the couch and to drink some water, before you put your shoes back on ready to leave for the rest of your day. 


Reflexology works on many different levels, each experience is unique, some clients may feel more rested, deeply relaxed, energised, calm or motivated.  I will provide some advice for aftercare following your session based on how you are feeling and your reasons for treatment.


Foot Reflexology for Everyone

Reflexology may help to relieve stress and tension.  Treatments are deeply relaxing and therapeutic and may help to improve sleep quality, mood and energy levels.

 During our lives we may experience ongoing physical or emotional symptoms that just won't shift no matter how hard we try.  These symptoms may be directly linked to prolonged and sustained levels of stress that we have just accepted as normal, when in fact there is always a way to try and make things feel better even if we can't change what is going on around us.  


 Reflexology sessions may help you to work through the core issues affecting you from day to day. Sometimes even the smallest changes can make a big difference. 


  Regular sessions provide time out for you and a space to 'just be'.  When we feel relaxed and rested we may want to work through issues that have been affecting us for a long time, regular sessions can support you on your journey. 

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Women's Health Foot Reflexology 

 Reflexology may be beneficial in supporting women through the various life stages, from teens through to the peri and post menopausal phases. Hormones play a vital role throughout our lives, they are essential for our health.  

During the natural life phases some women may experience emotional and physical symptoms that can really affect their day to day lives, affecting their self-esteem, confidence, relationships, sleep, stress and anxiety levels.  It does not always need to feel this way.  There are always things we can do to improve how we feel.  

  Regular treatments may help to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety and improve how we feel.  

Reflexology sessions allow us to step out of our busy lives and to focus on us, and our needs.  I have specialist training in Women's Health and the Menopause.  Reflexology is a natural way to find calm and tranquillity to restore  well-being.






I am delighted to offer specialist RLD - Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage treatments as part of my work as a Clinical Reflexologist.

 RLD is an award winning foot reflexology technique which focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet.  This treatment is very gentle.

Lymphoedema is a chronic condition and can affect many people in many ways.  If lymph nodes are removed the lymphatic flow will be affected, and subsequent lymphoedema can occur.  Over time the build up can cause a hardening of the tissue fibres and this presents a risk of infection.  People describe pain and restriction of usual movement.  Symptoms can build up over time, some people may experience a build up of swelling over the day.  The physical symptoms can really impact on day to day living and emotional and psychological wellbeing. 

I use a baseline measurement assessment at the beginning and end of each treatment.  RLD - Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage research has been published in British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol. 25, No. Sup10 Clinical Focus, 'Using thermal Imaging research to measure changes in breast cancer related lymphoedema during reflexology'

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Maternity & Fertility Foot Reflexology

Reflexology may be used to support women during the pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and post-natal stages.  Regular treatments are deeply relaxing, pampering and comforting. 


If you are experiencing fertility issues you may  wish to consult with your GP first.  Reflexology can support you on your fertility journey and can be used to work alongside conventional fertility treatments safely.


If you are currently pregnant and wish to have Reflexology treatments,  please discuss with your Mid-wife / GP in the first instance.

Reflexology treatments may be used as a supportive complimentary therapy, helping to prepare the mind and body for the physical and emotional changes that take place. I have specialist training in Maternity and Reflexology .  Your safety and well-being is my priority. 

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