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Why Reflexology?

    Regular reflexology sessions are nurturing and therapeutic, giving you the time and space to relax and focus on yourself. 

Reflexology is a natural therapy and has been practised for thousands of years.  It is safe, non-invasive and therapeutic.  The therapy is based on the principal and belief that there are reflexes on the feetface and hands, which directly represent each part of the anatomy.  Reflexology is a touch therapy, by use of gentle and precise techniques, stimulating and working the reflexes with the intention of creating balance back into these areas.   Some feelings of transient discomfort may be felt for a few seconds, but overall the treatment should be deeply relaxing and comforting. Regular sessions are calming and soothing, encouraging the body and mind to relax.

We need to recognise when we are experiencing prolonged and sustained stress levels, we may notice changes in our emotions and our physical health.  When we remain constantly stressed in a state of 'fight and flight' or 'freeze,' chemicals and hormones flood fill our bodies making it so difficult for us to stay balanced.  We need to find ways of calming down our nervous system. Reflexology treatments encourage the body and mind to slow down to a more natural state of 'rest and digest,' they also help to allow suppressed emotions bubble up to the surface which may be causing us stress.  The body will always hold score, we just need to find ways of understanding these signals.


Stress and ill-health can, and does, affect each and everyone of us at some point during our lives.  We all need a healthy level of stress to keep us motivated, driven and to survive.  Stress and associated symptoms vary for each person, we are all unique. We all need to nurture ourselves with a healthy diet and lifestyle, positive relationships and a good work/life balance.  We need to give ourselves time to take a step back and reflect.  Reflexology treatments help to release tension in the body and mind, helping to reduce heightened stress levels, improve our mood, sleep quality and energy levels, leaving us feeling much more relaxed. 

A positive outlook on life encourages us to take responsibility for our health and well-being.  However there are times for all of us, when we may feel unwell or just out of sorts.  We may find ourselves feeling emotionally low and physically unwell.  Reflexology aims to improve our relaxation levels to further support our well-being. Reflexology practice is becoming increasingly recognised by Health Professionals and is available within some Hospitals and Healthcare settings.


What to expect from your Reflexology treatment?

Your appointment is always about you and how you feel.  What is affecting you right now? I am here to support you with whatever you are dealing with.  I maintain ongoing specialist training and am a life long researcher, my passion is to help you. Feeling heard and being seen is so important, I hold that space for you during your reflexology treatment.  


Before you arrive for your first appointment, I will contact you by phone to talk through any current medication and any existing, or pre-existing medical conditions.  We can talk through your expectations and what you would like to achieve.  


When you arrive for your first appointment, I will complete a consultation form with you.  We will have covered some information during our phone call but I will go through everything we have discussed, and also explain how reflexology works and answer any questions you may have.  Please allow up to 75 minutes for your first appointment.

Should you feel unwell or something changes preventing you from attending your appointment, I do ask that you give 48 hours notice of cancellation so that I can offer your appointment to someone else.  If you cancel less than 48 hours in advance of your Reflexology appointment then I ask that full payment is made unless I am unable to fill your appointment.  All treatments must be paid for at the time of the session, I can accept card payments, BACS payments and cash. 

I am an experienced Clinical Reflexologist with specialist training, I consistently maintain ongoing professional development. My treatment room is a sanctuary.  I have created a healing space that I would want for myself.  I maintain very high standards of cleanliness and comfort.  My treatment room is completely private with its own garden backing onto woods,  it is immaculately presented, warm and welcoming.  I work fully in line with my Professional Body, AOR (Association of Reflexologists) and my Insurers, please see my Privacy and GDPR Statement in FAQ section.

Reflexology does not claim to cure or diagnose.  Reflexology is frequently used alongside conventional medical treatments supporting your recovery.  I will always put your health and well-being needs first. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you x


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