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Zone Face Lift Reflexology - Naturally Lifts your face and spirit. New treatment available soon.

Coming soon - after lockdown ends....

The Zone Face Lift experience is not just skin deep, it is so much more. An award winning luxurious treatment pioneered by Ziggie Bergman, created to 'naturally lift your face and spirit' and acclaimed to be a credible and natural alternative to Botox and Fillers. This treatment is pure indulgence and blissful, yet affordable.

Zone Face Lift is unique. The treatments are therapeutic and combine effective ancient and modern face lifting massage techniques and specialist facial tools, designed to lift and sculpt the skin by smoothing and soothing away tiredness and puffiness, and releasing stress and tension held in the facial muscles and connective tissue. If you are looking for a facial that not only works beautifully on your skin, but also helps to unblock energy pathways helping you to to feel more balanced and rejuvenated, then this treatment is definitely for you.

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