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Reflexology for Womens' Health

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Our bodies are amazing and need to be finely tuned to work at an optimum level to keep us feeling well throughout each stage of our lives. We all know that a good diet and lifestyle, positive relationships and work-life balance choices can really affect how we feel, however for some this is not enough. Some women can experience a wide range and varying degree of physical and emotional symptoms, which can be difficult to manage. Reflexology works holistically on supporting the body to re-balance, working on the 5 channels of circulation: Arteries, Veins, Nerves, Lymphatics and Chi-Energy/Life Force. These are all connected by the fascia and extracellular matrix and affect every organ, gland, tissue, muscle and bone. Reflexology can support the body to re-tune, reducing tension and stress, improving blood supply and helping to regulate the nervous system to achieve balance naturally.

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